{Muse} Back to the Basics

Hey guys! How was your weekend? Did you do anything extra memorable?


Since it's Monday, and most Mondays we like to start off with a thought or a theme that inspires the rest of our week, we thought we'd chat a little bit about the basics. The theme of our Fall issue is "Back to the Basics." There's something about the Fall season that makes me rethink what's necessary because the things that actually make me happy are pretty elemental: candles, pumpkins, apples, hot tea. None of these things really require a huge investment of time or money, yet they bring me so much joy.

A few weeks ago, while I was pouring my morning cup of tea, I realized that the act of pouring tea was incredibly important to me. Drinking tea is great, but, for me, the ritual is marked by the sound of boiling water pouring out of the kettle and into the cup. That one, basic, fleeting moment actually makes me feel a lot better. Since I picked up on this fact, I've been noticing it each morning and feeling incredibly grateful for it.

So now I want to know... what are your "basics" that guide your days and make you feel thankful for what you have? Does Fall do the same thing for you?

Share your thoughts in the comments section.