{Muse on Monday} Unplugging

I'm noticing a funny phenomenon happening across the Internet. People are wanting to spend less time on... the Internet. 

Photo by Camilla Salem

Photo by Camilla Salem

I know it kind of seems like an oxymoron — people are writing on the Internet about how they need time away from the Internet, but it's definitely a theme that seems to be taking hold in many blogging circles. And I have to say that I feel it as well. Over the past few weeks, I've found myself dreaming of chucking my iPhone into the San Francisco Bay. I've deleted then reinstalled the Twitter and Facebook apps on my phone more times than I can count (or should admit). I've imposed some limitations on myself when it comes to mindless web/social media browsing. Blah blah blah...

Then I started noticing that I wasn't the only one feeling this way. Lesley (one of our awesome Violet contributors of the past) recently wrote this piece on letting go of "the noise", which really resonated with me. The challenge this week for Laura's Weekly Wellness campaign is... wait for it... "unplug." Heck, we even wrote about toning down social media in our Back Story for the Fall issue. The desire to loosen our grip on all things technology has definitely taken hold, it seems. 

That said, at The Violet, we are endlessly grateful for technology. We wouldn't even know our incredible contributors without blogging and social media. We wouldn't be able to share what we do with all of you without the Internet. I mean, we wouldn't have a magazine at all without technology. So it definitely has its benefits. And as with everything else in life, balance is essential. 

So tell us, how do you achieve (or try to achieve) balance in your life when it comes to the Internet and technology? Do you feel the need to unplug in your own life? Share your secrets and stories with us!