{Nourish} Sexy Caramel Apples

Photo by Molly Yeh

Photo by Molly Yeh

There might be no better way to live life on the dental edge than by eating caramel apples in the Fall while strolling over crunchy brown leaves and wearing a big fat (maybe vintage) sweater. Tart, crispy apples bathed in sweet, chewy caramel that you really have to work at to bite off... give me seven cavities; they'd totally be worth it.  And while there's a substantial amount to be said about your classic/nostalgic Affy Tapple coated in peanut pieces, there's obviously a bit more to be said for the options you have when you make them from scratch. So do that. Right now. 

Make homemade caramel or beer caramel, pick a bushel at your local orchard, and go to town with these toppings:

* Sea salt (or if you're really fancy, Maldon sea salt)
* Crispy bits of bacon
* Sesame seeds
* Pretzel pieces
* Potato chips
* Cinnamon Toast Crunch
* Trader Joe's mesquite smoked almonds
* Toasted cake crumbs
* Toasted ramen noodles
* Graham cracker pieces
* Cayenne pepper

Molly is a contributing editor of The Violet who has an affinity for mustard and writing seriously entertaining food stories. We love her. Read more from Molly at My Name is Yeh. And yes, those are bacon bits on the caramel apples pictured above.