What We Learned From You

We were so excited to read your responses to our survey. Thank you so much for taking the time to fill that out. It helped us make some decisions and understand our readership so much more. We appreciate it! Since you took the time to share your opinions, we thought it would be cool to share a few of the things we learned from you that are helping guide our growth as a publication and a company. 


So here's what we learned...

  • Most of you aren't married and don't have kids. 
  • Most of you want to see the magazine in print but think that the current prices for print magazines like ours are just too high. This one is tricky... still, we're going to figure it out.
  • Even more than print, you guys want to be able to access our content on your iPad or iPhone. And now you can, in fact, read the magazine on your mobile device (thanks Issuu!). However, we've got something else in mind that we're working on. Stay tuned.
  • We had a few requests to make the font bigger in the magazine so for the last issue, we bumped it up a size.
  • We were surprised at how many of you enjoy shopping online! Cool!
  • Nourish seems to be the favorite magazine section, and we learned we have some work to do with Embellish and Muse. Got it. 
  • You all seem to want more recipes above anything else in the magazine. Next were requests for more health and wellness tips then more crafts and DIYs. We like your style.
  • We learned that not a lot of you visit this blog all THAT regularly, so we're going to try to change that. We've got some really fun content lined up for the next several weeks (like Molly's mouthwatering caramel apple post — did you see that?)
  • We learned that you guys are awesome. And that for the most part, you think we're awesome too. That's really nice to hear. 

Again, thank you for sharing your opinions and thoughts with us. Thank you for your sweet comments as well as the critical ones. We can only grow from those. 

Have a happy weekend!