Boo! Our Best Costumes...


Happy Halloween! So maybe you’re not trick-or-treating, but we hope you haven’t grown out of playing dress-up this year. In honor of this spooky celebration, some of our editors are sharing their favorite costumes ever. Get ready for some serious cuteness and craftiness. No bellybuttons or gratuitous upper thighs on show. 

We’d love to see yours! Tweet us a photo of this year’s costume or your favorite ever, and we’ll retweet for all to see. Now, excuse us, there are some mini chocolate bars and caramel apples calling our names.

Jackie: The Hipster (
Halloween 2010: I got a T-shirt with a kitten on it, I wore yellow tights and a gray wool skirt (I had a floral one, but it was way too short and that's not how I roll on Halloween), strapped one of my Polaroid cameras around my neck, wore red lipstick, drew a mustache on my finger, and wore a head band as a crown then drank PBR all night. It was pretty awesome and even better - anyone who didn't know me kept asking me why I didn't dress up. Just another hipster in the West Village!

Emily: The Jellyfish (
While all my classic 90s getups are stowed away in a box somewhere, my most recent Halloween costume was a jellyfish. A last-minute, but surprisingly awesome, crowd-pleaser! I scrabbled around with streamers, an umbrella, and some double-sided tape until I had this easy-as-pie ensemble. Maybe best not to try if you are superstitious (open umbrella inside and all), but if you’re still looking for something utterly doable, I’m telling you that this little number will not disappoint.

Molly: The Schnitzel (
Halloween for me has rarely been about becoming a person of another profession or an animal or a slutty this or a slutty that so much as it has been about displaying an obsession on a very, very large scale. My personal favorite was 2010's costume: a wiener schnitzel. Naturally, I waited until the night before Halloween to sew the entire thing by hand. And naturally, at about 3:00 a.m., I was in tears and with half of a glob-shaped dress that a sixth-grader could have sewn. I somehow powered through, attached my lemon and parsley, and had a wonderful time at a friend's Halloween bash where the guesses as to what my costume was ranged from Long Island iced tea to poop. For directions on how to make your own schnitzel costume, click here.

Celeste: The Angel (
I know I look like a nun, a nurse, or a baby pope, but I'm actually an angel, and this is one of the earliest Halloweens I remember. I was about five years old, and my brother, Ron, was seven. Now, can we shift our attention over to him and appreciate his stone-cold Batman face? 

Camilla: The Cheetah (
My best Halloween costume was definitely my first one. I mean, you just can't beat a little bald cheetah with one ear up. I'm not normally one for dressing up (bah humbug, I know), but I'm pretty happy my mother got me into these glamorous feetie pajamas.

By Emily Rack