Creative Ways to Help with Hurricane Sandy Relief

By Molly Yeh

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❤ listen to amazing music. The record label for some of the most unbelievable new music on the planet, New Amsterdam Records, had their headquarters destroyed. Buy some of their albums (like my current obsession, one of their newest releases, roomful of teeth), and/or donate to their relief fund here

❤ eat + cook. Most of my favorite restaurants had to close during the storm, and some remain closed. On top of their lost work days, a few are having to do a ton of repair work (like Mile End - their bakery and smokehouse were completely destroyed, and One Girl - their dumbo store was flooded). If you're in the city, eat out and tip well. If you're not in the city, buy cookbooks from New York restaurants. Mile End, Clinton Street Baking Company, The Frankies, Shopsin's, and One Girl have some of my favorites, but of course there are a million more.

❤ drink. Breweries and bars were also severely damaged. If you're in Brooklyn, come have a drink with me at the Sip Away Sandy Bar Crawl ( tomorrow. If you're in other Sandy-affected areas, organize your own Sip Away Sandy, and remember to tip well. If you're not in a Sandy-affected area, see if you can find beer from Sixpoint or Brooklyn Breweries (Sixpoint's Brewery and Brooklyn's New York Warehouse were hit hard).

❤ play music. Organize a concert, and do good with your earnings (perhaps send them to one of the organizations listed here).

donate blood or money to the Red CrossKeep it simple, and make a real difference. 

Have another idea on how to help? Leave it in the comments section!