Change in all things is sweet. – Aristotle


Well, Aristotle, if that is the case, then things are super sweet over here!

Hi friends, how are you? We've missed you!

Yes, indeed, we are in a period of change and growth here at The Violet. These are exciting times, and I can't even begin to imagine what the future holds for us! Let's start with some housekeeping items. Ashlee Gadd, who writes the blog Where My Heart Resides, is our new Managing Editor and Marketing Director (exciting!!). She takes unbelievably beautiful photographs and is my new personal lifesaver. She also happens to be one of the cutest preggo ladies around. Jasmine Myers, of the blog An Experiment in Poverty, is our new official Copy Editor! Jasmine is one of the most amazing women I know, and I feel like having someone to make sure our magazine articles are legit takes us to a new level. 

We are currently knee-deep in developing our Winter issue. Yes, you read correctly! We're putting out an issue set to come out mid-January! It's going to be a beautiful issue, filled with inspiring articles, written by some of the best women I know. I may be getting married in 4 days, just have started a brand new, full time job, and be in the midst of moving, but you better believe we're putting out this issue! It's all about priorities, right?

Things are really coming together and I couldn't be happier about it. The first place you'll start to notice these changes taking place is right here, on our blog! Stay tuned for lots of posts on holiday gift guides, winter recipes, resolutions, and so, so much more! We'd like to develop the blog to become a hub of inspiration and creativity. 

As the year comes to its close, I am filled with excitement for what 2012 will bring. I've heard all the crazy theories about this coming year, but one such theory stuck with me. A friend of mine told me that she believes 2012 will bring a huge shift in the world – an enlightement, if you will. I like this idea, and I know that all of us here at The Violet are planning to live it up this year! We hope you'll join us. :)

Wishing you a sweet holiday season filled with love and laughter!


Camilla Salem

Founder & Creative Director of The Violet