Gift Guide For Super Cool Couples ;)

Hey there! It's me, Camilla! Guess what? I just got married on Saturday and now I'm here sharing with you my gift guide for couples. These are all things I want/need ASAP. I'm loving these gift guides so far, aren't you? They get me so excited for my first Christmas with my new husband! 

  1. For the couple who dreams of traveling, The 100 Best Vacations to Enrich Your Life will keep them occupied as they plan adventure after adventure.
  2. Sweet messages can be scribbled onto a chalkboard wall decal.
  3. To add music to romantic nights in (or out!), a portable turntable is a perfect gift.
  4. Any board game, especially The Game of Life, is a whimsical and thoughtful addition to a relationship.
  5. Help your friends say "I love you" with eggs! The I Love You Egg Shaper is flippin' genius!
  6. His and Hers Key Holders are too funny!
  7. These lovely industrial stencil letters are personal and affordable!
  8. Stemless wine glasses are casual, classy, and perfect for romantic nights in with a bottle of wine.