The best gift we received this year...

Molly - Aside from being able to spend time with family and all that mushy stuff, the best gift I received was mustard! The fact that I own about a million different mustards means that it's probably pretty difficult to shop for me on that front... but my sister and her boyfriend pretty much nailed it with truffle mustard and saffron mustard from Paris.

Camilla - OUR WEDDING. it was a fantastic Christmas/life gift from my parents and it was our dream wedding. We couldn't ask for anything more or better after that event.

Jasmine - The best gift I received this year was a vintage apron that my mom bought in a thrift store about 27 years ago. I used to play dress-up with it when I was a little girl. It's white with a pattern of little black ponies and a ric-rac trim. I hadn't seen it in years, so it was very exciting when I unwrapped it under the Christmas tree in the home I grew up in. This was the last Christmas we would spend in our family home, so the gift was very appropriate.

Celeste - Norris, one of my besties, gifted a Jane-A-Day 5-Year Journal, where each date page has a Jane Austen witticism and five empty spaces to write a sentence or two about my day. Eventually, I'll be able to see how each day was different over the span of five years. And even though I have my blog, twitter and social media galore, I think Norris says it best when she said, "books and doing things old-fashioned are just as precious"-- if not even more.

Ashlee - When I was three years old, my mom helped me memorize The Night Before Christmas. My grandmother used an old video to record my voice onto a Hallmark recordable storybook, so I can play it for my new baby next Christmas. It was one of the sweetest and most thoughtful gifts I have ever received.

What was the best gift you received this year?