For Japan

Perhaps this is coming a bit late. It's been four very long and terrifying days after the 9.0 earthquake that rocked Japan, but let's use it to remind us not to forget what is currently going on (and continues to go on - aftershocks and nuclear plant explosions seem never ending). So many times when some big catastrophe occurs, we get all flustered and excited by the headlines, and then promptly forget about it when our own lives start to get in the way. 

Sadly, this tragedy seems to be unfolding even more everyday, making it impossible for me to think about anything else. It's a horrible feeling to be helpless in all of this. In this post you can find numerous places to donate to, and if monetary donations are just not a possibility for you right now, I implore you to sit down today, take a moment and pray. And if you don't pray, send some white light. And if you don't believe in that, send some good energy. Anything. Just take a moment, and contribute in anyway that you can.

And from this stunningly horrific act of Mother Nature, I am, personally, taking from it a renewed slice of humble pie. Nope, we do not, and will not ever, have control over this gorgeous, miraculous planet. So it's about time we stop acting like we do, and start living honoring her and being grateful for all that she does give us. 

All of my love to anyone affected by the events.

Camilla Salem
Founder & Creative Director of The Violet