We're busily getting everything together to create a lovely and inspiring first issue and we can't wait to announce the launch date. (pssst...it's soon!)

Our first issue is all about Springtime and bright colors and fun ideas that create lasting memories. We're having a blast putting it together, seriously, because we get to do all of the stuff we write about. So, we can authentically say, it's gonna be a great issue :). 

Here in the bay area, we're getting hints that Spring has arrived in the form of bright daffodils in stores, snow peas thrown in every meal, and that early morning springtime smell that drifts in through open windows. Also the pigeons outside the office are making all kinds of crazy noises.

What do you think of Spring? Is it one of your favorite seasons?

[sneak peek photo from the mag!]
[taken by Camilla]