Let's set some goals...

Now that the weather is changing (although its grey and drizzly here, today), and lots of new, fresh foods are popping up at the market, it's a great time to write down (yes write them down! it really works!) a few goals for the season. Honestly, anytime there is a change or renewal of any sort, I find it to be a great time for goal setting.

For example, this Spring...I want to run 2 times a week and do yoga 3 times a week. I also want to go for a hike on Mount Tam and get my bike working again so I can bike, instead of drive to work. In terms of food, I want to take advantage of this season and cook as locally and seasonally as possible and I want to drink a green monster 4-5 times a week. 

What are your Spring goals? Share them here, and we'll help hold each other accountable!  My goal is to have this blog become kind of a hub of support and creativity and community. So we can all come here, find inspiration, talk about it, and then succeed. Sound good? Ok, spring goal setting: Ready...GO!