{Open} Meet our Contributors - Jackie

One thing we want to be sure to do is introduce you all to our magnificent contributors each issue. First up? Jackie. You can find her here - Camilla got the chance to meet Jackie during her trip to San Francisco (the one she wrote about in the magazine) and they became fast friends. She's wonderful. So readers - meet Jackie :)
Tell us a little bit about yourself...who is Jackie Pfeffer?
I’m sure I’m not alone in this, but I hate writing about myself.  Every time I start the paragraph all of those “I”s start echoing off the page at me. I’m going to try this from an outside perspective… so let’s see, uhhh, Jackie Pfeffer?  Yeah, I know her.  Hmm… she’s tall.  She’s an optimist.  She’s rarely without a smile.  Oh, she's super goofy.  She’s a photographer & an entrepreneur.  She never shuts up about her new studio.  She’s cutting it dangerously close to being one of those insane dog people that treat their pups like actual human children.  She loves her family, has a serious obsession with her nephew & niece, and would be perfectly content living out of airports and hotels.  She’s always been an avid writer, but it’s something she’s always felt the need to keep on the QT (she’s getting over that though).  Her favorite color is green.  If her diet consisted entirely of sushi, coffee and wine, she wouldn’t mind it.  The girl loves adventure, and collects ridiculous anecdotes like your fifth grade classmates used to collect Pogs (remember those?!).

Why did you decide to become a photographer?
If you ask my close friends from high school, they’ll tell you that I was the one who constantly had a camera in their face.  I didn’t even have a digital camera until college, so I used to borrow one from my dad’s office and between that and the ol’ disposables, I managed to capture every event from football games to random evenings hanging out in my friend’s basement.  I didn’t know I wanted to be a photographer until I was nineteen, though.  I was living in Georgia – far away from all of said friends.  The collection of photographs I had taken in high school plastered my walls and any time I felt lonely or homesick, I could just look at the photos and I was taken right back.  I think that’s why I like doing what I do.  It’s not that I think a camera is a magic box, or because I spent hours in a dark room as a kid, I just really like the idea of evoking feeling in people.  A good photo can make you laugh, bring you to tears, inspire you.

What's your favorite thing to shoot?
People interacting.  I love being the fly on the wall.

What's your favorite thing to eat?
Hands down: Sushi.

Where's one place in the world you dream of going someday and why?
 I was just talking about this yesterday!  One place I’m dying to go is Thailand.  I heard you can spend a whole afternoon riding elephants and that’s really the one thing that’s driving me to go there.  I giggle like a three year old whenever I see an elephant, hanging out with one for an afternoon sounds like heaven.

What are three goals you have for yourself this year?
1.  Work on expanding my company.  We have a really awesome thing going and we have so many ideas, so I’m really trying to focus on implementing them & molding Click into something great.
2.  Go to Europe.  The last time I was out of the country was about a year ago and I’m getting really stir crazy.  I’d love to go visit my friends in Germany and France and take a holiday in Spain. Siestas and tapas, por favor!
3.  Stay organized.  I’m really, really good at organizing, but my problem is getting things to stay that way.  One of my main goals this year was to set a schedule, find a routine that works for me and maintain balance.  So far, so good.  I’ve come a long way since January!

How would you describe your personal style?
Simple, touch of bohemian, very girl-next-door.  Staple items: jeans, Toms Shoes (I love you, Blake Mycoskie) and flip flops, scarves, knit tunics, tshirts and long cardigans.  I’m all about layering.

What does The Violet mean to you?
The Violet to me is celebrating the person you are.  There are a lot of pressures out there to act and dress and be a certain way.  The Violet’s all about being the best version of yourself and enjoying every minute of it.

Thanks Jackie! You're simply the best! We adore you...

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