Why Hello There...

Hi Friends!

Things have kicked into high gear around here for our very first issue (The Spring Issue)! We're super excited and we will be announcing the launch date very soon - and then crossing all of our fingers and toes that we can actually get it out in time :)

Lots of fun stuff to look forward to in the first issue:
* crafts and ideas of sweet things to do to make memories
* a great section with tips on healthy living
* a spring filled food section with a delicious spring meal from start to finish
* one of our feature articles on what it means to come up with a 5 year plan for your life
* another feature on adding spring pops of color into your wardrobe
* great etsy finds
* and much, much more...

We realize that it's all going to grow organically and the process will be smoother and smoother with each issue that we put out, but we really appreciate all of the amazing support we've received from readers and contributors and friends and family. You all are the best, seriously.

Over the next week or so we're going to begin introducing our contributors for this issue, because, well, they're rad, so why not?

Thanks again for all the love! We love all of our Violets!

*image from our fashion feature shoot. taken by 15 year old photo contributor Claire Cella (if you can believe it)