{Open} Meet our Contributors - Bridget

Meet Bridget. She's gorgeous, isn't she? Also she's one of the funniest people that you'll ever have the pleasure of knowing. She's got the world's greatest love story, and she's a mother of 4.5 (there's a bun in the oven). Go say hi to her over here, and tell her that we sent you :)

Give us three words that describe you:
Hmm... seeker, happy (most times), and old-school.  That was sort of more than three words.

K we love you, now tell us more about yourself:
I love cooking, mostly from Ina Garten's recipe books and when I'm not feeling particularly lazy.  I like my husband a lot.  Some times more than others (but still most of the time).  Can he count as an interest?  I wish my loved ones all lived close by  because I think relationships are what life is mostly about.  I like to eat Mexican, shop at Whole Foods, and blog.  I want to see more of the United States (like Zion and Yosemite at the moment) but will seriously go where you send me.  You have a free ticket anywhere?  I love life most of the time.

What's your favorite part about being a mother?
My favorite part about being a mother.  Gosh.  Probably the laughter.  And the times when they come to you for some real advice or to share something really exciting and the moment is so special that you just want to cry (especially the times when it's least expected).  Sometimes those special moments are few and far between so that makes them extra amazing when they do happen.

Why did you start blogging?
I started blogging because I was mostly bored and because I thought it might be fun.  Now I keep it up as a keepsake, for the community, and because I just looove it. 

Give us 3 goals you're currently working on:
Becoming a photographer, getting published (I'm not really working on it but it's a distant dream.  But hey, doesn't The Violet count?!), annnnd growing a baby.  We can count that?  Probably not since I more or less eat and that's about all I have to do.

What does The Violet mean to you?
It is such a special project and one that turned out so beautifully.  I loved the women involved, the stories, the raw-ness of the whole thing.  And Camilla's amazing food photography made me want to eat my screen as well.  I want more Violet!

Thanks Bridget, we heart you more than we could ever say. Now pop that baby out soon (but not too soon) so we can celebrate with you!!