{Embellish} How to be an Anthropologie sale shopper...

It's no secret that in the blogging world, Anthropologie reigns supreme. It's a glorious, impeccably curated store with some of the most inspiring visuals I have ever seen. But let's get real for a minute here: sometimes paying $150-200 for a summer dress is just out of the question for a lot of us. Enter one of the most glorious creations of all time: the sale rack. Anthropologie has an incredible sale rack - with some seriously slashed prices.

some current sale items.

So here is the winning strategy: the night before you're planning a little shopping trip, peruse the online sale items. You'll see freshly cut pieces, and even housewares that are marked down. Completely bypass the full price items so that you don't get attached to anything and you know exactly what to expect in the sale section. Figure out what you're going to look for, say a little prayer, and the next day go to your nearest Anthropologie with sincere hopes that your size is available. Walk past all of the new clothes (for soon, dear friends, they shall be on sale as well!) and head straight for the sale rack. When you walk out with 3 markdown dresses and tops for the price of one full price item, you will feel like a true baller. And that's because you are one!