{Nourish} Leon: Naturally Fast Food.

Remember when we reviewed Leon: Ingredients and Recipes last issue? Remember how it was probably the coolest cookbook in existence? Well...

The amazing Leon team sent us their newest book and it's truly mouthwatering. It's a must have in any kitchen. Leon: Naturally Fast Food is decadent, indulgent and thoughtful all at the same time. The images are heartwarming and droolworthy. The truth is, you'll be hard pressed to find a cookbook you fall in love with as much as these two books. They have a way of making natural cooking seem totally doable for anyone and everyone. The approach this team takes to food is one to be admired and learned from. And we are ready to learn. Thank you so much Henry and John! Next time we're in London, we really must meet.

Some recipes we can't wait to dive into:

* Iced Lollies (i.e. popsicles spiked with vodka)

* Dalston Sweet Potato Curry (the perfect side dish?)

* Six Ways to Ceviche. (different styles of ceviche - divine)

* Chicken with 100 cloves of garlic (even if no one wants to kiss us after)

* And everything else...

For more info on the Leon restaurants and brilliance - visit them here!