Winners Winners!

Hi lovely Violets.

We have selected 3 winners for the summer issue giveaway! Thanks so much for was so nice to hear all of your favorite parts of summertime.

We're already knee deep in the fall issue and it's definitely going to be a good one!

Until then, we'll be posting the rest of our submissions for {Your Turn}, a summery strawberry bar recipe, and then some. So keep tuning into the blog! And don't forget to follow us on twitter and like us on facebook!


And now....the winners!

1. Jordan!!! Thanks for liking us on facebook! :)

2. Cassie! Thank you for always being such a huge supporter. We <3 you.

3. And last but not least...Irene! Thank YOU for liking us on facebook! :)

Okay you three lucky your addresses to and we'll get those gifts out to you! Thanks for playing!

Happy August!