{Be Well} Weekly Goals - 9.12.11

We're gonna start something new here on the bloggy.

(We're working on making this space a hub of healthy, happy living)

Goal-setting is something that we believe in strongly...(without it, The Violet would have never been born)...so, we invite you to join us in a little weekly goal setting exercise.

Here's how it's gonna work. Every Monday we're going to post a list of 5 random, healthy, happy goals for the week. Every Friday we'll have a little check in post to see how we made out. That's it - just 5 small, totally doable goals that will enhance our lives and help us to become the rockstars we're meant to be.

Commit to all of (or some of) the goals by commenting on Monday goal-setting posts and then let us know how you did each Friday. If you have any suggestions for goals, something you've wanted to try for a while but need a little extra support, please send them our way via twitter or email!

Ready? Let's go...


Goals for the week of 9.12.11

  1. Everyday this week drink a liter more of water than you normally do. (Invest in a reusable water bottle if you don't have one already - choose aluminum, stainless steel, or glass - never plastic!)
  2. Every night do 100 crunches before bed. Already do this? Add another 100 reps to your routine.
  3. Every morning wake up 15-20 minutes earlier than normal and do a little journal writing.
  4. Try going vegan for one day this week...just to prove that you can do it!
  5. Write out daily to-do lists. Keep them clear and realistic. Try to accomplish everything on the list. If you can't, move whatever you didn't get done onto the list for the next day.


Totally doable, right?

You in?