{Be Well} Weekly Goals - 9.19.11

Time for another round of our weekly goals!

Last weeks were a good exercise in mental strength and goal setting (at least I thought so) so let's keep this going. Remember, you can commit to as many of them as you want. The point is that we set a goal and we try to acheive it...and that we open ourselves up to new things, right?

This week let's...

  1. Turn off all electronics 30 minutes before bed and do a little bit of reading, writing, singing, dancing, whatever...just no electronics.
  2. Go "sugar-free" for one day this week. (This one scares me, but I'll try.)
  3. Wake up in the morning everyday and do three sun salutations to start the day and get your blood and energy flowing. 
  4. Try one new recipe that you've always wanted to try this week.
  5. NO negative self-talk this week. Each time you start to say something negative or overly-critical about yourself for the next 4 days, catch yourself and say something positive, instead.


Yay for goals!