Our Favorite Winter Movies

{By Emily}

When it's super chilly outside, one of my favorite things to do is cuddle up on the couch (or in bed) with a soft blanket, a little snack, my boyfriend and a great film. It doesn't have to be a serious, Oscar-winning cinematic experience, just something cozy and lighthearted to make me laugh and lift my spirits on some of those grey winter evenings. Often they're ones I've seen so many times I know all the words, but never get tired of. Other times they're new releases that have surprised me with a great story or cast. Here are some great new curl-up-and-beat-the-winter-blues movies I have discovered, and the tried and true ones I love coming back to.

When Harry Met Sally
The classic romantic comedy. When Harry Met Sally one of those timeless New York love stories that has a bit more substance than some of the marshmallowy, forgettable chick flicks being pumped out lately. It's an interesting perspective on male-female relationships, and has a few quintessential film scenes you should know (think: orgasm in a deli). If you aren't convinced yet, watch it solely for the chemistry of the lead characters, Meg Ryan's beautiful, gravity-defying hair, and the unscripted museum scene where Billy Crystal goofs around with accents, "I would be pleased to partake of your pecan pieeee." Even my boyfriend loves it.

Midnight in Paris
A newer release than my other picks (I'm an old school movie kind of girl), but this one is still worthy of watching half a dozen times this winter. The plot is intriguing, the costuming and easy switch between decades is magical, and the scenery is...well, how can you beat Paris? Not to mention the soundtrack. This dreamy Woody Allen film is different than his usual work, and definitely worthy of whisking you away for an afternoon of cobblestone streets and 1920's glamour. Plus, a little Hemingway never hurt anyone.

Father of the Bride (1&2)
This is a movie of my childhood. One I've seen probably more than any other, and I still can't get enough. Maybe it's Steve Martin, who paints the most poignant and hilarious portrait of a dad trying to come to terms with his daughter getting married, or the sweet father-daughter relationship. Perhaps it's Martin Short's hysterical character Franck Eggelhoffer (if you haven't seen the film, I won't spoil it for you), or the fact it stars the fabulous Diane Keaton, or maybe it's just that the whole thing is an example of perfect storytelling, but I could watch this movie over and over. Trust me, I will (and you should too). If you really love it, make it a double feature and watch Father of the Bride 2. I rarely find a sequel that does the original movie justice, but this one is exactly right.

Planet Earth
This BBC series (okay, yes, technically it isn't a movie) is mind-blowing to watch any time of the year. Visually stunning, and full of exciting content, each episode delves into another of the world's biomes. From caves and jungles to deserts and deep under the ocean, I am constantly amazed by what the planet has to offer and creatures I never knew existed! There is no better way to spend time inside-- getting absorbed in a completely fascinating and beautiful piece of work.

So snuggle up with a big bowl of popcorn or some hot chocolate (maybe both, no judgment here), and get ready to have a cozy movie night. Any other favourites? We'd love to know what's playing at your house this winter!