{SPOTTED} Mignon Kitchen Co.

{by Camilla}

I happened upon this sweet shop via Emmadime (thank you!!) and now I simply can't get enough. 

Justin's Peanut Butter Cups * Soy Candle * Teardrop Vase * Paper Baking Molds

The majority of the items are incredibly affordable and the shop is perfectly curated. I already purchased the teardrop vase and the heart balloons and I love them. I've also got my eye on the berry colander and the simple, natural twine. The shop is run by Rachel Ball (who has a phenomenal blog by the way) and she even offers thoughtful tips on the art of baking. As someone who much prefers cooking over baking, this little shop makes me want to get in the kitchen and sift some flour!

Head on over and check out Mignon and prepare to get inspired! What are your favorite products?