It's March! Let's Enjoy It

Can you believe March is already here? 2012 is flying by already and we think it'd be great if things would slow down a little bit. 

Soon enough we'll find ourselves face to face with April, but before that happens we want to make sure that we enjoy the heck out of this new month. What better way to do that than with a solid plan to get the most out of the tastes, smells, and colors of the beginning of Spring. 

This month let's...

  • ...experiment with flavors and colors in our food. Let's get a little bit creative and learn new techniques. Whether it's conquering your fear of yeast and learning how to make bread or trying to incorporate new spring vegetables in your diet in exciting ways, let's make homecooking a priority. 
  • ...take a 30 minute walk outside at least once a week. If you're in colder climates, bundle up and breathe in the crisp air and get ready for things to warm up. 
  • ...practice our photography. Let's set a little bit of time aside each week to practice shooting around our homes. Lighting, composition, and styling are all things we can practice and play around with. Get white poster board and set up some pretty flowers on top of it (see above photo). If you've got a DSLR, try shooting on manual! Upload your practice shoots onto your blog and link them in the comments so we can all see your progress!
  • ...wake up 30 minutes earlier each morning. Use this time to cook up a healthy breakfast, sip on a cup of tea, read or watch the news, or just breathe a little bit before you start your day. 
  • ...bring a little life into our homes. Try a house plant, like African violets ;), potted herbs in the kitchen, or freshly cut flowers or branches. Either way a little greenery goes a long way. 

Sounds doable right? Add on any personal goals you have for yourselves in our comments section and let's make this an amazing month!

Happy March!

The Violet Team