Spring To Do List

Things to do this Spring


// Get glowing for Summer: Clean up your eating habits and add a little bit more umph to your current fitness regime. Try an exercise class that you've never done before or grab a buddy and get hiking. Drink an extra glass of water each day and get strict about your skin care routine! We're big fans of Clickr, for the record. 

// Try gardening: Whether you grab a couple of herbs to keep on your kitchen counter or you're ready to grow tomatoes from seed, put your green thumb to use! It's so rewarding to cook with the things that you grow yourself. 

// Splurge a little bit on flowers: We recommend lilacs. Bring a little bit of the outdoors in by indulging in pretty blossoms. 

// Rock a new lipstick color: Spice up your days by slapping on some bright pink or coral lipstick this season. 

// Embrace the art of brunch: We talked about it in our Winter issue, but that doesn't mean we're over it. Brunch is special, celebratory, and comes with lots of tasty treats. We highly recommend it. 

// Rearrange your furniture: Call it Spring cleaning and move things around to change up the energy a bit in your life. 

// Have a picnic: Well, why not?


What's on your to do list this season?