{Nurture} Drink Up!

Water. We know we need it, we know we should be drinking a lot of it, and we know it makes up some crazy proportion of our bodies (around 60 percent if we’re gonna get technical). 

And yet some days it’s easy to forget to drink as much as you need! It’s important for every part of your body to be well-hydrated. We need it for soft skin, higher metabolism, fewer aches, happy organs, and more energy.

I used to be guilty of unintentionally limiting my water intake, and often found myself parched at the end of the day, chugging a gallon of water to try and make it up to my dehydrated body. I quickly learned that just wouldn’t do, and figured out some ways to make sure I was being as consistent as possible. 

The best way to keep up your water-drinking habit is to sip gradually through the day, and not forgetting to drink more when you’re active! Always replenish the fluids that you’re losing, or you could find yourself in big trouble. 

A quick tip on finding out how much water you should be drinking: a rough guide is half your body weight in ounces. So if you’re 140 lbs., try and get 70 oz. of water everyday. 

To make drinking it a top priority, here are a few ideas:


Add fruit for flavor! Hydration doesn’t need to be boring. By adding a handful of fresh or frozen fruit to a big pitcher of water the night before, you’ll wake up to some yummy instilled deliciousness with infinite combinations. You won’t forget to drink up when every sip feels like a treat! 

Some of our favorite flavors:

— Pineapple and fresh mint

— Lime and strawberry

— Lemon and a chamomile tea bag

— Blueberry and watermelon

— Grapefruit and raspberry

Another idea to make sure you’re getting enough fluids is to put a counting system in place. After you determine how much water you need every day, divide that into the number of glasses you’ll have to drink. Slide the right amount of rubber bands onto the glass you’re using, and take one off every time you refill. You need to drink 8 glasses a day? Stick 8 bands on your cup and remove one at a time as you reach the bottom.

Soon you’ll be feeling better all over, and that parched feeling will be a distant memory!


{By Emily}