{Explore} Discovering Brooklyn

I’m a strange breed of traveler. I like to call it the “adventurous homebody.” While I love to explore and discover new things, I also love feeling at home and comfortable wherever I find those treasures. I never thought I’d satisfy this odd travel lifestyle while in New York City and I was right: I just needed to hop over to Brooklyn.

My week in my Williamsburg loft still feels surreal — how could I feel at home in an area that was still so new and exciting to me? It felt strange to be in New York but to wake up to calm, restful mornings. The restaurants and shops along Bedford Avenue were lively but had a hominess that reminded me of California.

So while Manhattan is a whole other beast on its own, Brooklyn feels like its kinder, younger brother that just wants to bike to the flea market and share some arepas together.

{By Celeste}