{Nurture} Go Outside!

The weather is warming up and is practically begging us all to go outside and enjoy it. But did you know that there are some legitimate health benefits to being outside? Just a bit of time spent outside can boost vitality and be more energizing than a cup of coffee! The sun provides valuable vitamin D that is essential for strong bones. Being outdoors can actually improve eyesight, increase attention span, and enhance creativity. But more than all of that, it just feels right to be outside, doesn't it?


So here are some ways you can enjoy the great outdoors this Summer:


  • Take on a fun Summer project, like building a tree house, or setting up a garden in your backyard. 
  • Explore local trails and walking paths. Walk them, bring your camera and capture moments. Or run them and get your sweat on.
  • Set up a table outside somewhere and eat a meal. Watch the sun go down outside by candle light.
  • Host a party outside, at a beach or in a park. Have everyone bring something to eat, roast marshmallows for s'mores, play frisbee and volleyball, and run around like when you were a little kid. 
  • When it gets hot, get in your swimsuit and bust out the sprinklers. Run around in them. You're never too old to run around in sprinklers in blazing hot Summer heat. 
  • Go on an all-out camping trip with friends.
  • Try something active you've always wanted to try: real rock climbing, wakeboarding, paddle boarding, etc. 
  • Before the sun rises, grab some friends, sleeping bags, a thermos of hot coffee, and head out to a vista to watch the day begin. 



What about you? Do you have any favorite ways to enjoy the great outdoors?