A Weekend Challenge

Happy Friday, friends. 


The weekend is here and YOU certainly deserve to enjoy yourselves. To help you celebrate the new season that is upon us (yay!), we've got a little challenge for you. 

This weekend grab your camera and maybe a buddy if you'd like, and go for a nature walk...around the block, on the beach, on your favorite trail, wherever. Snap pictures of all of the gorgeous nature you find -- flowers, leaves, bugs, sunlight, whatever! -- and share them on your own personal blog. Share the link to your nature walk post in our comments section and we will pick our favorite entry to feature here on The Violet. 

Got it? Yay! We can't wait to see what you come up with. And you better believe we'll be taking our own nature walks and sharing them with you. 

Have a lovely weekend -- make some memories. 


The Violet Team