{Explore} Travel Essentials Series

It's Summer. And many of you may be planning to take off and explore this world we live in a little bit. All of our contributors are big fans of travel, so some of us decided to share our essentials with you. First up is Christine. Christine is a pro traveler who has been all over the world, so it's safe to say she knows what she's talking about, here. Read on for Christine's travel must-haves!


I’ve been traveling or living abroad for the past two years, so I’ve got my packing down to a science—and there are a few things that are in my bag, no matter where I go. These are my absolute travel essentials: don’t go to the airport without them!  

  • A vibrant Klean Kanteen saves you from spending money on bottled water—and it saves the environment! 
  • A multi-colored cotton scarf is the ultimate multi-functional tool: fast-drying beach towel, casual long skirt or dress, neck warmer or airplane blanket.
  • Chico Bag carries groceries, picnic fixings or beach goodies when you need it, and folds up teeny-tiny in your bag when you don’t. 
  • Be the cutest photog around with a colorful and customizable Phyllis camera strap
  • Avoid catching any airplane germs with a daily delicious dose of Emergen-C
  • To freshen beach hair and skip a daily blowout, spritz a dose of Batiste Dry Shampoo
  • Larabar is a delicious snack to keep in your bag to rejuvenate you on a long day of sightseeing—and bonus, they’re vegetarian and gluten-free!  
  • Yes to Cucumber Facial Towelettes are brilliant for taking off makeup or simply refreshing after a long day of transit.



So tell us, what are some of your travel essentials? Stay tuned for more posts from this series!