{Embellish} Summer Beauty Tips From Emily

It is my sincere belief that there is no better beauty secret than looking healthy. Glowy. clean skin, soft hair, bright eyes. My personal beauty theory lies mostly in the idea that a girl should make the best of what she's got, and that a little enhancement goes a long way. In the summer months, this rings especially true. The last thing I want is to be running around in the blazing heat, wiping a sweaty, dripping lip colour off onto the back of my hand or trying to keep up a temperamental smoky eye. 

This summer, focus on the low-maintenance beauty trifecta: hair, skin and brows. These three spots are easy to handle, and will pull any girl  completely together, whether you're grabbing an after-work gin and tonic on a patio, reclining poolside, or holidaying on the streets of a new city.  

1. Fresh face. Getting dewy skin and that summery glow is surprisingly easy to accomplish AND upkeep in the summer. Since it's already warm and humid, embrace the idea that your skin will never look matte, and roll with just a tinted moisturizer, a little bronzer and maybe concealer. Don't go for powder, which will cake together when you get hot and sweaty, rather choose a beauty balm or tinted moisturizer for some coverage, SPF and glow. Dab some vaseline on your lips (you can pat a little onto the tops of your cheekbones too!) and your luminous skin will be good to go. 

2. Strong brows. This is perhaps the easiest way to pull your face together. For years I threaded my eyebrows into barely-there arches, but my face changed for the better when I left them thicker, and filled them in. Now, if I could only do one thing with my makeup, it would be shaping and filling in my brows. Not only does it draw attention to your eyes and bone structure, it's a rather no-fuss move for summer fun. Brows require virtually no touch-ups and stay put all day. If you go a shade or two darker with your brows, it'll also give you the illusion of eye makeup.  

3. Soft, touchable waves. Flattering on absolutely everyone and so easy to accomplish with minimal upkeep and product. The goal here is a step up from bedhead, but not quite polished enough to look "done." As a curly-haired girl, this is a pretty easy look to accomplish for me and fellow mop-tops, but I have some tips that will help even the sleekest of hair look a little more beachy. Firstly, after washing your hair at night, towel dry until about 80% of moisture is gone. Then, add a little product through the ends (some sea salt spray or a leave-in conditioner), and twist strands into sections away from your face to ensure a piece-y texture. Finally (and this is the easy part), sleep on it! In the morning, hair should be dry and full of surfer girl texture. Sometimes it helps to use a large-barrel curling iron to add a little order to the front pieces. Voilà.

{By Emily}