{Explore} Guest Post: Mauritius by Rincy Koshy

Today we're sharing a response from our question of the issue. Rincy (well, Dr. Rincy Koshy, to be exact) sent in her submission with some stunning photos. It gave us instant wanderlust, so we decided to share her response with all of you! Enjoy!

In response to your question on The Violet, I would without a doubt say Mauritius. 

Everything about the trip felt surreal. And I was the happiest and most 'me' I had been for a long time if that makes any sort of sense. You know the 'you' you are when you are stripped of all worry and doubt?  

It was kind of sort of awesome. And I loved my friends and the country all the more for it. 

Any trip we take, we try to experience life like a local and having our friends who are Mauritian take us around was an added bonus. 

In the end, the time together turned into a giant game of improv--where the first rule of the game was to always say yes. Jump into the midst of a waterfall? Yes. Swing from the trees? Yes. Dance whenever we hear music? Yes. Take an underwater sea walk? Sure, why not. 

The first thing that struck me was how green the island was. We see tourist led information regarding white sand, blue beaches but it was the green that had me. Plush sugarcane, mango trees, lychee trees and mountain ranges at every corner. Add a sunny backdrop and it feels like your prettiest dream coming true. The country itself has Dutch, French, British and Indian influences and you see it in the people, the dress , the mannerisms, the food. 

It was a trip that we were so lucky to have been able to take at all but adding our closest friends to share it with--and it's memories we will keep forever. 


How unbelievably cool does this look and sound? We are adding Mauritius to our bucket lists!

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Cheers! And thank you, Rincy!