{Explore} Celeste's Travel Essentials

We've got another installment of our travel essentials series. Celeste presents to us her must have items, some of which are very basic, and some - like those fun pens - are a little more out there! Celeste is another big travel-lover (aren't we all, though?) and writes at Celeste's Wanderlust

  1. Toms - Even though I have flat feet, my Toms have been the most comfortable shoes I've worn over long periods of wandering. They're lightweight, versatile with many outfits, and mold to your feet as you continue to wear them.
  2.  A Notebook/Planner - As I travel I often forget what day it is, what I did a week ago, or what I thought when I was wherever I was. This helps solve all of those issues.
  3. Stabilo Pens - And these help solve the above issues in fun colors.
  4. A Watch - You don't realize how dependent you are on your phone for the time until you go somewhere where your phone is useless. 
  5. A Scarf - Easy to pack and useful in multiple climates: in cold weather they serve as an extra layer; in warm weather they serve as a cover-up for visiting churches and other conservative sites.
  6. A Kindle - As much as I love reading a book with actual pages, I love Kindles because they allow me to bring as many books wherever I want without actually carrying them.
  7. A Water Bottle - Free and easy to refill, add ice, and carry everywhere you go (especially nice since many restaurants in Europe charge extra for water).


Thanks Celeste! Which of these things do you have to have with you when you travel?

* * *

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