{Nourish} Fall in the Kitchen

As if you weren't excited enough about the arrival of Fall...


Apples for pies and crisps, butternut squash to be roasted or blended into a creamy soup, persimmons to be baked into bars or just enjoyed as they are, figs, pomegranates... oh the list goes on and on. One of the reasons we love the changing seasons so much is because it signifies a change in our kitchens as well. We're already cooking with Fall in mind (a simple homemade apple sauce recipe is coming soon to this blog!), but now we want to know what you love.

What's your favorite Fall ingredient to cook with?

Share your responses (and maybe even your favorite recipes!) in the comments section. Let's get chatting!

P.S. Here are 36 reasons that Fall is the BEST. Thanks, Buzzfeed.