{Explore} Emily's Travel Essentials

Summer may be over, but many people travel all year long. Our editors and contributors have some awesome travel tips, so we thought we'd continue this great travel essential series. Today, our rockstar contributor ,Emily Rack, shares her list. 


Though my destination may change, my carry-on bag remains largely the same for every trip I take. Years of traveling and lugging around multiple suitcases and an oversized purse stuffed to bursting with books, cosmetics, my laptop, an extra jacket, etc. have led me to a rather minimalist strategy. To travel, I generally wear a pair of black leggings, a soft tee, and a blazer with an oversized scarf and a pair of sandals (as seen above). I carry a small suitcase and an even smaller cross-body satchel. I put my hair in a low ponytail or topknot and keep my face as bare as possible (maybe some tinted moisturizer and brow filler). I like to keep my day in transit very low-maintenance. 

Apart from a couple of airport-bought magazines and a packet of fruity candies (winegums preferred), this is what you'll always find in my bag on travel day.

  1. Large, thin scarf: Multipurpose and, without a doubt, jersey is best.
  2. Macadamia hair oil: I swear by this for dried-out airplane hair and heat damage.
  3. Liz Earle moisturizer: On a long flight, I slather on moisturizer a couple times. I've never found anything better than Liz Earle, and they make travel-appropriate tubes!
  4. Bobby pins: From stray bangs to makeshift paperclips, these are always useful.
  5. Fuzzy socks: To ensure cozy feet on planes and trains.
  6. Advil: For any travel pains and headaches. Since they're anti-inflammatory, I often take one after a flight.
  7. Rosebud Salve: for chapped lips, dry skin, makeup removal, and everything in between.
  8. Leather sandals: A great pair of basic, leather sandals is probably the only footwear you'll need on a summer trip. I have these from Gap, and they go with shorts and dresses and are comfy enough to walk in all day.
  9. Erase paste: Very important for post-travel. Dark circles don't exactly spell glamour, so I pat some of this on just after landing.
  10. Earbuds: Airline headphones are often expensive and badly made. I bring my own to listen to music and audio books while I fly. 
  11. Visine: As one of those people who can't sleep on planes, this is a key step for me. Visine reduces the oh-so-flattering bloodshot look I get and keeps my eyes from getting too dry.
  12. Moleskine: I’m never without a small notebook and pen to write down any important phone numbers, travel suggestions, addresses, or story ideas.
  13. Cinnamon Altoids: Fresher breath, and they’re so strong you’re instantly pepped up.

Thank you, Emily, for sharing your essentials!